Family Category

The most common categories are :

  • Spouse Visa – We specialise in handling Spouse Visas, and these types of visas can be difficult as they require a significant amount of evidence.
  • Parent Visa – to qualify applicants must have most of their children in Australia and their children need to be permanent residents who have been here at least 2 years. In recognition of the fact that many migrants wish their parents to join them, a new class of parent visas, Contributory Parent Visas has increased the number of visas issued annually, although the number of visas issued is capped.
  • New Temporary stay Parent visa – DIBP has announced that a new, temporary, renewable parent visa will be introduced, probably in 2018.
  • Other family – other potential family visa categories are Child Visas, Aged Dependent Relative Visas, Carer Visas and Remaining Relative Visas.

If you are interested in applying for a family category visa, please fill in our questionnaire and we will advise you of your suitability.

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