Why Australia?

Australia is a land of wide-open spaces, sunshine and endless miles of clean, uncrowded beaches. Its is a vibrant country of modern cities, economic opportunity and  warm, friendly people with an enviably stable and secure lifestyle.

Australia also has a robust economy and it is still welcoming migrants – around 200,000 permanent residents arrived in the last 12 months. Many thousands more will arrive as temporary residents, and some of these too will go on to apply for permanent residency.

Nevertheless, Australia has not been entirely untouched by changing global economic conditions and so the government has instituted a series of fundamental changes to its migration programme, particularly the company-sponsored visa programme where the 457 visa will be abolished in March 2018. However it will be replaced by a similar Temporary Skills Shortage visa. These and other changes, for example to the Parent visa program, are extremely complex, far-reaching and ongoing. In this ever-changing climate it really is essential to seek professional help to help you navigate the maze of migration regulations.

Would I qualify ?

Please feel free to contact us by phone or to complete a questionnaire to see if you might qualify for an Australian visa.

Can we help?

Having opened the offices of Premier Migration Services 16 years ago, I am committed to providing an objective, professional and prompt service to help you weigh up your prospects of being accepted as a permanent or temporary resident in Australia. As a registered migration agent I cannot, nor would I, offer any guarantee of success. What I do promise is that I will thoroughly examine your circumstances and discuss with you your options. I will also be totally honest : if I do not think you are likely to succeed I will tell you so.

Initial consultations are free

There is no charge for my services until I have canvassed your options with you. Amongst other things we will discuss costs including my fees and Australian government charges. Only if you are satisfied that you have a good chance of being granted your visa and are happy with these charges will I advise you to proceed with your application.

What do I do next?

Please take the time to read this brief overview of the Australian migration system before proceeding to the short online questionnaire in which you have the option of giving me a few details about yourself so that I can examine your circumstances and email a response to you within 24 hours if at all possible.

If you have the time the rest of this website contains general information about living in Australia and links to websites that you may find useful.

Do you qualify?

The official immigration selection process can be rigorous, with complex regulations that are constantly changing.

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Where to Start?

Read our brief overview of the Australian migration system and complete our short online questionnaire.

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initial consult

There is no charge for our services until we have fully canvassed your options with you.

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